Friends of TCI


Our Friends of TCI Australia Inc. Secretary Annie Lim had a massive blood clot burst in her brain, got coma and passed away the next day on 12 Mar 2018. Few days ago she could able to look at TCI photos in this post and gave some comments.

One of the comments from her is "Education is the best way to assist disadvantaged and rural people to gain independence".

Ms Annie Lim is the lady in green in the photo on the right.
Friends of TCI ( Singapore )

  1. Title 1
  2. Friends of TCI met to discuss for Syllabus and who can teach what subjects.
  3. Title 6
  4. Saw Kyi Yin visited TCI to teach Maths
  5. Group photo after meeting for Curriculum Development
  6. With Thramu Day Moo Paw
  7. With Uncle Michael Thaw Tha
Friends of TCI (Singapore) is a group of volunteers who have concerns for the development of the school. They identify their expertises and planning to help in teaching, establishing curriculums, finding books, etc.

Among them, Thra Saw Kyi Yin has visited TCI in January 2016 to teach Mathematics.
Saw Aung Aung Soe also visited TCI.
Friends of TCI ( Australia )

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  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
Friends of TCI (Australia) are concerned with:

1. Mentoring to students and advising faculty staff
2. Supporting in fundraising and gathering resources
3. Assisting in establishing educational pathways
4. Building bridges between Australian civil and educational institutions and those in and surrounding region
5. Promoting TCI and other initiatives to broader networks
Friends of TCI ( Myanmar )

  1. Title 2
  2. Title 3
Rev. Dr. Saw Paulu visited TCI and contributed his gifts from God, together with his wife, Thramu Zenia.
Friends of TCI ( USA )

  1. Title 2
Thra Takwe Say visited TCI and tought some subjects such as Critical Thinking.